30 Reasons to use ALR for your PCBs


From the moment that you first contact ALR Services, you can be assured that your requirements will have our best attention. Each and every quotation request is fully evaluated in order to ascertain its technological level, quantity, quality and delivery attributes.

From this information we are able to assess which of our facilities will be most suited to manufacturing that particular requirement thus ensuring that we can produce the best product, delivered on time, and at a price that is competitive.

Continual Monitoring

Once the price is agreed and an order placed ALR monitor and progress the job through to completion, ensuring that product conformance and delivery schedules are adhered to.

Once a week all customers receive an email updating them on the situation on each and every outstanding order.



From the moment you contact us you can be assured that your requirements will have our best attention.

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We have been careful to select a core of manufacturing facilities to cater for virtually every conceivable PCB type.

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Making a printed circuit is quite a complex task. It involves many different types of engineering.

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Send us your requirements and we will fully evaluate to establish all the technicalities and attributes.

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